Do you buy used or broken devices?

Absolutely.  We are always looking for used and broken devices regardless of the condition.  We pay top dollars for your items.  Please call us at Chicago IRepair or fill out our contact form and we will get in touch.

Who is Chicago iRepair?

Chicago iRepair is in partnership Chicago Ink and Toner.  We offer great services on cellphone and computer repair as well as great ink and toner cartridges.  Feel free to stop by at our brick and mortar shop on 824 S. Wabash Ave. to see what we’re all about!

What kind of parts do you use?

We strive to use the best parts we can find at a value you love.  We do not use apple parts but use the best parts we can find.

Do you offer any type of warranties?

Yes!  We have an absolutely fantastic warranty, while most offer only 90 days, ours is 120 days.  We pride ourselves with the best quality service and value.  Because of this, if you are not satisfied just bring it right back and if we can fix the issue or rectify it, we will offer a full refund.  Click here to see full details of our warranty!

What kind of computers do you guys repair?

We repair all types computers ranging from high-end specialized PC gaming machines to the everyday laptop.  We are also specialized to repair Apple computers as well.   If you have viruses, malware, adware, or spyware, our top technicians can repair infected machines as well!

Our services can be found below:

What kind of phones, tablets, and game consoles do you repair?

We repair all types phones, tablets, and game consults.  We have train specialists for all specific categories from Apple iPads, iPhones, and iPods all the way to Blackberry devices.

A quick summary we repair:

  • iPad, iPhone, iPod
  • All Android phones from Samsung, LG, HTC, etc..
  • All Blackberry & Nokia phones
  • All types of tablets, eBook readers, and everything in between.
  • Game consoles such as XBox and Playstations.
  • Mac Desktop and Laptop computers
  • PC Desktop and Laptop computers

Are the parts used in Chicago IRepair original and or OEM?

Chicago IRepair does not claim to use any vendors and or manufactures products and or claim to be associated with any manufacture. Chicago IRepair has its own vendors which create parts strictly to the original specifications  Chicago IRepair is not and does not claim to be affiliated with apple nor claim to use apple’s branded / genuine and or oem parts in Chicago IRepair and services and or products associated with Chicago IRepair nor any other vendor and or manufactures branded / genuine and or oem parts, In short Chicago IRepair does use high quality parts in its repairs and does not claim to use genuine and or oem parts in Chicago IRepair.