At Chicago iRepair we pride ourselves in offering fast service along with a world class customer experience. We work hard at providing and adding value to our customers and strive to provide the best prices along with excellent quality on your devices repairs. Chicago iRepair specializes in repairs of cell phones, computers, macs and game consoles such as Xbox and PS3.  To contact us with any questions you may have or want to come into our retail location we can be found at Chicago iRepair for a free diagnostic of your broken device!  We offer an industry leading 120 day warranty on all of Chicago iRepair parts and labor 100% guaranteed!  If you are not satisfied with Chicago iRepair’s repair please bring your device back to Inkster and if we can’t fix and or rectify the issue, you will be provided a full refund at our retail location. Chicago iRepair does not claim to use any vendors and or manufactures products and or claim to be associated with any manufacture. Chicago iRepair has its own vendors which it uses for after market products and parts who have a proven track record along with excellent quality standards. Chicago iRepair is not and does not claim to be affiliated with apple nor claim to use apple’s branded / genuine oem parts in Chicago iRepair repairs and services and or products associated with Chicago iRepair nor any other vendor and or manufactures branded / genuine oem parts which Chicago iRepair does not claim to be affiliated with.

How to Find an Affordable Cell Phone Repair Store in Chicago

cell phone repair store ChicagoHas your phone had a breakdown? No worries, Chicago iRepair is here to help! We repair all brands and models with excellent warranty coverage. And if you’re still weighing your options, make sure that the cell phone repair store in Chicago you chose has the following:

* Warranty coverage

Aside from repairing, the shop should also provide specific warranty coverage for the fixes. This is to guarantee that the solution they gave you will work for expected period of time. Here at Chicago iRepair, we have a 120-day warranty for your peace of mind.

* Experience

The repair shop should also have experience repairing your cellphone brand and unit. This gives you added confidence that the shop will not do any guesswork. At Chicago iRepair, we repair iPhones, iPads, Samsung phones, LG phones, and more!

* Licensed technicians

It’s important to choose a shop with licensed technicians. This is a guarantee that they are trained and will be responsible for the repairs done on your phone.

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Why Chicago iRepair is the best choice

“I’m looking for a phone repair shop near me!” If so, head to Chicago iRepair! We guarantee 100% of our repairs for all phones and tablets received in our shop.

Whatever the phone problem you are having, our technicians are here to help. We offer fast service and honest pricing for your peace of mind. Also, we have free diagnostics, so you’ll know what’s wrong with your phone before signing up for a paid repair. Visit one of our retail stores now!

Computer Repair Services in Chicago, IL

When your computer bogs down or experiences technical problems, you need computer repair services Chicago right away. Still, you shouldn’t hire any technician. You should look for a licensed and experienced computer expert who offers an excellent warranty for their service.

Each computer is unique and must receive proper repairs. If not, you will only seek another repair session, which will cost more money and hassle on your end.

Look for quality service, so you’ll have peace of mind that your computer or laptop is in good hands. You can also hire an in-home service if you don’t want to take your device elsewhere.

Always ask for the cost of repairs. Minor problems like virus removal, new RAM installation, or computer cleaning are cheaper than major repairs. Shop around so you’ll get the best offer with topnotch quality. Some service providers offer remote repairs if your computer requires technical troubleshooting.

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What Chicago iRepair Offers?

Instead of hiring amateurs, you can call Chicago iRepair to fix your computer. We offer free diagnostics so you will know what’s wrong in your device and how much the repairs will cost. Unlike other providers, our repairs are covered by our 120-day warranty, both on parts and labor.

If our technicians failed to fix your device, we would give you a full refund. Still, in our years of operation, we rarely disappoint our clients.

We can repair all types of computers: Mac, Windows, Chromebooks, 2-in-1 laptops, touchscreen laptops, and more. We are a team of expert, trained, and licensed technicians offering the best computer repair in Chicago.

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