broken pc

Have you broken your computer and or pc? Broken and or cracked screen? Do not worry! We can help! Many others have brought their computers / pc’s to Chicago iRepair for repairs. Chicago iRepair at times can fix your broken computer / pc the same day and or next day. If a part needs to be ordered the repair can take up to a couple of days to a business week.  Not only do we fix up broken computers our top technicians also specialized in removing the worst-of-the-worst spyware, malware, viruses, that can tremendously slow down your computer, or even worst, steal your personal information!  We also can provide backup and data recovery services to your personal computer.

We repair all computer / pc models including:

  • Computer / PC desktops
  • Computer / PC laptops
  • Customized gaming computers / pc’s
  • Servers
  • ..check out our Mac repair here!

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