Reasons to fix your old phone or mobile device

With technology constantly changing, the life of the average device is around 1 year. With how expensive technology is, it isn’t functional to purchase new items each ear. Especially with the current economic state of U.S. Repair your iphone or tablet and use the extra money to save or spend elsewhere.

Help the Economy

When you choose to get your broken tablet or Android phone fixed, you are automatically putting money into a business while simultaneously saving funds you normally would have put toward a new iPad, iPod or computer. The money you’ve saved can go to purchases at other small businesses. It’s important we all do our part.

Help the Environment

It’s important that we stop filling the earth with electronics and debris. Do the earth a favor and repair your broken devices. If your screen is chipped or cracked, there is no need to buy a completely new phone. You can simply have the glass screen repaired. This goes the same with tablets an iPads.

Go Against the Grain

When you make decisions that go against regular society, you increase your self-worth. It can feel good to not have the same phone or tablet as everyone else. You are able to express your individuality and use technology that is functional an efficient for your needs.