Reasons to Repair your Device Instead of Buying New

  1. Repairing your phone is just as important to our environment as recycling and repurposing your items. Ipads, iphones, Android and Samsung are just a few of our specialities. Feel free to contact us for more info or a quote.


  1. Save the money! There is no reason you have to spend money on pricey upgrades because you broke your screen or washed your phone. In many cases, these are simple, quick, and inexpensive fixes.
  2. Increase your investment. If you purchase a new phone, tablet, or gaming device because it simply isn’t working properly, you devalue it. When you spend hundreds on a phone and buy another in a few months, it seems more costly because money is leaving your pockets at a faster rate. Justify your expensive purchase by repairing it when it needs a little TLC.

We are here to assist with any help you may need. Feel free to stop by here in Chicago, visit our website, or call us at 312-663-1990. We look forward to hearing from you.