Know Your Computer


How is your computer acting? Do you find yourself loosing patients at startup? Does it respond to you within a snap of a finger? If not, we here at Chicago iRepair will help you determine if it’s time to get a professional to step in.

Perform Basic Maintenance

Keeping applications up to date will ensure it’s at its best shape to run for your computer. Be sure to delete programs and documents you don’t need as this ensures free space in your computer to run smoother.

Run Your Antivirus Software

Running this program will detect if there are any viruses in your computer. If there are, you will be opt to remove any such defect.

Check the System

Are there extra users on your computer? Are they using their accounts? If not, delete them. Remember that the more you delete the more free space you will have! Delete suspicious programs that are causing you to have malware and random annoying popups.

After performing these three tasks, how does your computer run? If it doesn’t run smoothly, call us today and we’ll get your computer back to running like new!